Saturday, November 24, 2007

Christmas Tree Storage

( Christmas tree storage bag)

( Christmas tree storage box)

Christmas tree storage is very important and improper storage may lead to unwanted damages to your tree. The pains that you took to decorate it will go waste if the tree is not stored properly. The availability of different options for different trees is what makes it easier for people storing a Christmas tree properly. The markets have basically three main types of storage options for Christmas tree - Plastic Box, Bags (plastic, canvas, polyester and nylon) and Storage Containers (for big trees). The storage containers are quite a popular option. In case you are still clueless about storing your tree, these tips on how to store Christmas tree should help you.

(Make your own Christmas storage bag)

• In case you are not keen on buying bags or containers, check your home for empty boxes. You can store those decorative pieces like ornaments, sequins, in empty boxes in which you might have received gifts for Christmas.

• Collect all the boxes you find at home and set them on a table top. Check the edges for splits or if they are torn on any side. Mend with a strong tape and seal all the gaps.

• Old shoe boxes and tin cans are good storage devices for those small ornaments and sequins that are used to decorate the Christmas tree. Wrap these decorative pieces in tissue papers and then place them in the box.

• After removing and storing all decorative items, take the tree carefully and lay it down in the storage container that it came in. If the stand is detachable, take it out and store it in a separate box.

• Don't forget to put labels on the boxes stating the contents and which side is up.

• Seal the boxes with tape and put it in a place where it would remain undisturbed till next Christmas. The best places would be above your cupboard, inside the attic or those storage shelves at the top of your room. One must always emphasise on Christmas Tree Storage

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