Saturday, November 24, 2007

Christmas tree disposal

Christmas tree disposal is a heart breaking task.The traditional day to take down your Christmas tree is the Twelfth Night. It may give you a heartache to dispose off your Christmas tree that you had decorated so beautifully. But Christmas is over and it is time for Christmas tree disposal. Being the responsible citizen that you are, disposing off your Christmas tree should be done keeping in mind all environmental hazards that may be posed due to improper disposal of the Christmas tree. To know more about how to dispose off the Christmas tree, read on.

• Firstly, take off the lights from your tree. Make sure all light bulbs are taken off; you wouldn't want tiny glass pieces sticking in your fingers while cleaning it up!

• Next, take off all big and small ornaments and other decorative pieces from the tree. Make sure all plastic, sequins, glitter and Christmas tree balls are removed and nothing is left in the inner branches of the tree also.

• Now, lay the Christmas tree on its side very carefully and take off the stand slowly. Keep a bucket nearby in order to pour out any water that was in the tree stand.

• Next, take the tree outside your home and chop it up. You can use the small branches as humus for your garden and the trunk as firewood. If you don't have a fireplace, cut up the trunk into two or three pieces.

Collect the chopped up branches, needles and trunk in trash bags and put it in your trash can for the cleaners to pick it up. Many communities have special cleaning services right after Christmas. You can contact your local authorities for further details regarding for Christmas tree disposal.

• Another eco-friendly way to dispose off your Christmas tree is to have it recycled at a recycling center. Get your tree recycled and set an example for others to be a responsible citizen.This is the correct way of Christmas tree disposal

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